The Amadou Diallo Foundation is pleased to offer scholarship aid to students of African descent or to students who have immigrated to the United States from Africa. However, the Foundation has received so many requests for assistance that we regret that we must limit funds to the following eligible individuals: undergraduate students currently enrolled in a college or university in the City of New York or students who have been admitted for study at a college or university in the City of New York. We are particularly interested in supporting the efforts of students who would not be otherwise able to continue their education without additional financial aid.

How To Apply

Because of the enormous demand, we are asking all applicants to give us some information about themselves, their academic background, their future plans for study, research, and/or work, and their plans for the future.


Essay: Please tell us a little bit about why you are requesting support from the Amadou Diallo Foundation? Tell as well something about your academic record and about what you will do upon completing your studies. The Foundation will be making its decisions based on student need and on the scholastic merit they demonstrate in this essay.

If your application is accepted for further review, we will contact you and ask that you furnish copies of your academic records to assure your eligibility for scholarship aid. If you are granted an award, the award will be administered through your school and its Office of Financial Aid.

Please email us and attach
your essay (limit:500 words) to: